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Tony Hall

Material Handler

Employee Spotlight: Tony Hall


Rediscovering a Home at Huntington Steel

After years away, Tony Hall’s return to Huntington Steel was like coming back to family, a place where he feels core values are not just spoken but deeply integrated into daily life. “It was the integrity, the commitment to safety, and the sense of ownership here that drew me back,” Tony shared. His connection to Huntington Steel is grounded in a shared commitment to ‘Do the Right Thing,’ ‘Health & Safety First,’ and ‘Ownership Mindset.’ “Seeing these values in action every day makes me proud to be part of Huntington Steel. It’s not just about the work we do but how we do it that makes this place special,” he reflected, emphasizing the unique community and value-driven environment that he feels defines Huntington Steel.

Crafting Connections Through Steel

In his role, Tony goes beyond material handling; he prioritizes building lasting relationships and fostering a sense of community. Interacting with long-time customers and mentoring younger employees, Tony personifies Huntington Steel’s spirit of treating everyone like family. His ability to connect on a personal level with customers and colleagues alike not only enriches the company’s inclusive culture but also enhances the overall service quality and teamwork.

Celebrating Achievements and Embracing Challenges

Tony fondly recalls a standout project during his first tenure that exemplified his commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation. The challenge of managing a complex customer project in-house to avoid delays became a defining moment in his career, demonstrating his proactive approach and dedication to exceeding expectations, thereby fostering new business opportunities for the branch.

The Huntington Steel Difference: A Family-Oriented Culture

Reflecting on his journey with Huntington Steel, Tony Hall draws a vivid contrast between his current role and his past experiences in larger, non-family-owned businesses. “I’ve worked for some bigger companies where I felt like just a number rather than a person. It was all about clocking in and out, with nothing memorable in between. Here, people know and care about me and my family. It’s a blessing to be in a place where my family’s needs are a priority,” Tony shares, emphasizing the value Huntington Steel places on its employees as individuals, not just workers.

Beyond Work: A Life Filled with Passion

Outside the confines of his professional duties, Tony’s life is rich with personal interests and family activities. His passion for automobiles and his involvement in his sons’ sports reflect his commitment to family and community. These personal interests not only provide a fulfilling balance to his work life but also resonate with Huntington Steel’s values of community engagement and work-life balance.

Embodying Huntington Steel’s Core Values

Tony Hall’s journey at Huntington Steel is a vivid illustration of the core values that define the company. His actions and dedication bring these values to life, influencing not just his role but the entire company culture.

  Do the Right Thing

Tony’s approach to work and interaction with others is deeply rooted in integrity and compassion. He’s known for going above and beyond to ensure every decision and action benefits not just the business but also the people it touches. “It’s all about doing right by people, whether they’re colleagues or customers,” Tony might say, reflecting his commitment to upholding ethical standards and making a positive impact.

  Health & Safety First

Safety is a big deal for Tony, but he knows that a spoonful of humor helps the safety rules go down. With a twinkle in his eye, he’s quick to remind his team, “God gave us 10 fingers and 10 toes, and it’s my job to make sure you leave with all of them every day.” This not only lightens the mood but also drives home the importance of safety in a memorable way. It’s Tony’s unique blend of humor and dedication that keeps safety protocols front and center, ensuring everyone not only remembers to keep safe but also has a good laugh in the process.

  Ownership Mindset

Tony treats every project and task with a sense of personal and collective ownership, driving him to seek excellence in all he does. “I see every challenge as an opportunity to contribute to our legacy,” Tony might share, showcasing his dedication to continuous improvement and the success of Huntington Steel.

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