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At Huntington Steel, we believe in celebrating the incredible individuals who make our company what it is – a family. Our employee spotlights highlight the dedicated and talented team members who embody the core values of the Huntington Steel family. Guided by our creed of ‘God, Family, Work,’ we recognize the importance of faith, strong relationships, and a commitment to excellence in all that we do. Through these spotlights, we showcase the diverse skills, experiences, and contributions that each employee brings to our organization. From their remarkable achievements to their unwavering commitment, our spotlights demonstrate why we are more than just a steel company – we are a united community driven by the values of integrity, teamwork, and continuous growth. Join us as we shine a light on our exceptional employees who play a vital role in our more than a century of service to our customers and the industry.

Circular framed portrait of Brent Layne, Fitter/Welder at Huntington Steel.

Employee Spotlight

Braxton Jude



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Past Employee Spotlights

Brittany Carter during her Employee Spotlight interview at Huntington Steel.
Tracy Billings, Cost Center Admin at Huntington Steel, smiling and showcasing her dedication and problem-solving skills.
Eric Maloney - Marketing Manager at Huntington Steel, a Family-Owned Company
Jeff Chapman, CFO of Huntington Steel, a dedicated and accomplished professional.
Jeff Chapman, CFO of Huntington Steel, a dedicated and accomplished professional.
Dave Brammer, Misc. Fabrication Manager at Huntington Steel
Todd Wilson, Burn Programmer at Huntington Steel in the Steel Manufacturing Industry
Mike Hutchinson - August Employee Spotlight at Huntington Steel