Employee Spotlight: Todd Wilson - Burn Programmer at Huntington Steel in the Steel Manufacturing Industry
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Todd Wilson

Burn Programmer

We are delighted to cast the spotlight on Todd Wilson, an exceptional member of the Huntington Steel team. With an impressive tenure of 12 years, Todd has donned various hats within our organization, being sure to make a lasting impact along the way. From his early days in the shop to his current role as a Burn Programmer, Todd has consistently demonstrated unwavering dedication and a commitment to achieving excellence.

What Todd values most about working at Huntington Steel is the strong sense of family that permeates our company culture. He finds great joy in collaborating with like-minded coworkers who share a common purpose, working together towards shared goals. Todd’s ability to foster a positive and collaborative environment has made him an invaluable asset to our team.

Outside of his professional life, Todd nurtures his passion for music by playing the guitar. He is also an ardent supporter of the Boston Celtics, passionately following their games. Alongside his beloved wife Rachel, with whom he has celebrated 23 years of wedded bliss, Todd places great importance on family time. Making sure his loved ones come first is a core value that Todd exemplifies.

Todd’s well-deserved recognition in our employee spotlight serves as a testament to his exceptional character and remarkable achievements within our company. His unwavering dedication, versatility, and positive attitude continue to impress and inspire those around him.

Huntington Steel is privileged to have Todd as an esteemed member of our family, and we are ecstatic to celebrate his accomplishments and highlight his invaluable contributions. With each passing year, Todd consistently sets a high standard of excellence, embodying the core values that define our organization. We extend our deepest gratitude for his unwavering commitment and eagerly anticipate his continued growth and success as an integral part of the Huntington Steel family.

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