Circular framed portrait of Brent Layne, Fitter/Welder at Huntington Steel.
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Tina Stewart

Administrative Assistant

Employee Spotlight: Tina Stewart


A Warm Welcome Awaits

Tina Stewart, our Administrative Assistant, greets everyone with a warm smile when you walk in the door at Huntington Steel. Since joining us in June 2023, Tina’s warmth at the front desk has enhanced our welcoming culture. She embodies the values that are paramount to us, from our creed “God. Family. Work.” to our core values that help to guide her personal and professional lives.

From Real Estate to Steel

Before joining our team, Tina was an office manager in a fast-paced real estate environment. Her move to Huntington Steel was motivated by a desire for a workplace aligned with her ethical compass and commitment to the greater good, reflecting our core value of “Do the Right Thing.” She explains, “I was ready for a change in environment and to be part of an organization where it felt like something bigger,” underscoring her pursuit of integrity in her professional life.

More Than Just a Job

What Tina loves most about Huntington Steel is the family-oriented atmosphere. “100% it’s the atmosphere that is driven by this culture of being family-oriented and prioritizing our creed over everything,” she says. This nurturing environment exemplifies our commitment to ‘Health & Safety First,’ ensuring that every team member feels valued and protected, echoing a workspace where everyone’s well-being is a priority.

A Life Rich with Passion

Outside of work, Tina’s life is enriched by her passions for cooking and interior design. These hobbies are a testament to her deep connections with family and friends, especially during the holidays when she brings joy and festivity into their homes. Her dedication to creating warm, memorable experiences for her loved ones mirrors the caring and personal engagement we cherish at Huntington Steel.

Community and Family Ties

As a mother of two successful sons, Tina is immensely proud of their achievements. Her role at Huntington Steel allows her to extend her familial love into the broader community, particularly through company events that reflect our values. “My favorite thing is how reflective the events we take part in at and outside of Huntington Steel are of our core values,” she remarks, highlighting her active participation in our community initiatives, truly embodying the ‘Ownership Mindset’ by contributing to our collective success and driving our community forward.

Reflecting Core Values

Every day, Tina’s interactions at the front desk are guided by our core values. “I’ve never felt like a number here,” she shares, showcasing her commitment to integrity and compassion, foundational to “Do the Right Thing.” Through her everyday actions, Tina not only makes our lives better but also exemplifies the values of Huntington Steel.

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