Mike Hutchinson - August Employee Spotlight at Huntington Steel
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Mike “Hutch” Hutchinson

Inside Sales Team

August Employee Spotlight:

Mike Hutchinson’s Journey to the Huntington Steel Family

An Alignment of Values and Purpose

Better known as “Hutch”, Mike Hutchinson’s journey to becoming a vital part of the Huntington Steel family is an inspiring story. “My relationship with Huntington Steel began as a vendor,” Hutch explains, reflecting on his initial interactions with our company. This connection, coupled with shared values and an undeniable sense of purpose, led him to a pivotal decision. As his prior employment journey drew to a close, he reached out to Huntington Steel, opening the door to a new chapter.

For Hutch, the transition to Huntington Steel was not merely a career change; it was an alignment of values. “I was drawn to the qualities I saw in Huntington Steel that I cherished in my own business,” he recalls. The moment he set foot within the Huntington Steel facilities, witnessing the exceptional efficiency of our operations, he knew where he wanted to continue his career. Beyond the clear business successes, it was the opportunity to work alongside individuals who shared his values that truly drew Hutch to be a part of the Huntington Steel family.

Beyond the rigors of business, Mike Hutchinson’s role is not confined to the boundaries of traditional inside salespeople. His dedication goes beyond transactions; it’s about stewarding projects to success. “Completing a project and knowing my work will endure for generations is a phenomenal reward,” Hutch shares. As steel structures stand the test of time, his contributions will be integral to the stories of future generations, a gift that only a few jobs can offer.

Transformed by Family Culture


Within the history books of Huntington Steel, one of Hutch’s standout achievements clearly demonstrates his unwavering commitment to his customers and the customer-first nature of Huntington Steel. Identifying an error within a critical project, his attention to detail once saved a significant client between $100,000 and $200,000. Beyond the financial impact, this incident cultivated trust and has led to numerous successful collaborations since. His attention to detail and dedication extend beyond the surface, leaving a lasting impact.

Hutch’s immersion in Huntington Steel’s family-owned culture has been a transformative experience for him. “The Huntington Steel family truly cares about the communities it serves,” he notes. This commitment is a stark contrast to the impersonal nature he has experienced in some corporations. Working alongside individuals who are deeply rooted in their communities has created an environment that resonates with Hutch’s values and reinforces his sense of purpose.

While steel is his professional passion, his personal life is equally rich. His time beyond Huntington Steel is dedicated to family and old-school gaming. “I cherish moments with my grandkids and enjoy exploring the picturesque Canaan Valley,” he shares. Amidst the natural beauty, family bonds grow strong, mirroring the values that define Huntington Steel’s workforce.

Building Connections: Community Involvement


In alignment with Huntington Steel’s core values, Hutch’s involvement in the Salvation Army Angel Tree program showcases his commitment to community betterment. This initiative transcends the workplace, not only involving himself but also his wife and daughter. This commitment extends to you, our readers. Explore the Angel Tree program, a testament to our shared belief in creating meaningful connections within the community.

We invite you to explore Huntington Steel’s expansive role in the community. From the Angel Tree program to various outreach efforts, we stand united in shaping positive change. Learn more about how our values drive impactful community involvement.

A Man of Values – Insights from Mike Hutchinson


As his journey intertwines with Huntington Steel’s legacy, Hutch’s insights offer a glimpse into the core of our company. We hope you have enjoyed discovering the essence of our values through the eyes of Mike Hutchinson, a true embodiment of “God, Family, Work.” What sets his perspective apart is a profound belief that steel serves as more than just a material – it’s a unifying force that symbolizes connection. His favorite applications of steel, bridges and railways, embody this belief, as they physically link places and communities. In the same way, Mike sees steel as a metaphorical bridge, connecting generations and forming strong bonds. This unique understanding of how steel can unite our past, present, and future resonates deeply within the fabric of Huntington Steel’s commitment to lasting connections.

Embrace the Legacy:


As we celebrate the remarkable journey of Hutch at Huntington Steel, we encourage you to dive deeper into our website and Facebook page. Explore our expansive products and services, community initiatives, and innovative projects that help define Huntington Steel’s impact on the communities we serve. You will find more exciting employee spotlights from other members of the Huntington Steel family linked below. Join us in shaping a legacy that will continually evolve for generations.

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