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Jared Baldwin


Employee Spotlight: Jared Baldwin


Discovering Passion and Purpose at Huntington Steel


At Huntington Steel, we pride ourselves on having a team embodying our core values. One of those dedicated team members is Jared Baldwin. His journey with us began for practical reasons but has evolved into something deeper. Initially, Jared joined us because of our convenient location and a better work schedule, but over time, his reasons for staying have become far more meaningful. “I developed great relationships with people and feel like I have some new people to call family,” Jared shared.


Crafting Excellence and Building a Legacy


Jared’s path to becoming a welder wasn’t straightforward. After completing school for heavy equipment mechanics, he found the job market challenging. Fortunately, a chance opportunity in welding set him on a new path. “They took a chance on me and taught me the ropes,” he explained. This early opportunity with another organization helped shape his skills and passion, leading him to excel in his current role at Huntington Steel.


Jared finds great satisfaction in seeing the projects he has worked on around town. “It’s rewarding to see the projects and materials from Huntington Steel around town. I regularly get to drive around and tell my kids that their dad played a part in building something,” he said proudly. Jared is also passionate about helping newer and younger team members improve their skills. “I was thrilled to have the opportunity to stop and help him improve at his craft by showing him what I noticed,” he recalled about a newer coworker on a previous project. He hopes to continue training new team members and helping them understand how to do things, ensuring high standards are maintained. “I would love to constantly train new team members and help them understand the right way to do things,” Jared expressed.


Embracing the Family Culture and Values


The family-oriented culture at Huntington Steel has been a standout aspect for Jared. “Everyone here has taken an interest in me, my family, and my story. It’s been that way from the beginning,” he shared. This supportive environment is one of the reasons Jared feels at home and motivated to do his best every day.


Although the creed “God. Family. Work.” was adopted after Jared joined, the principles behind it resonated with him from the start. “When the creed was introduced, it felt right. It matched the priorities I already held dear,” Jared reflected. This alignment of values has made his journey at Huntington Steel both meaningful and rewarding. Jared’s dedication to Huntington Steel is unwavering. “The main thing that will keep me here until I am physically no longer able to work is knowing that they put God first. God comes first in my household, and when that gets to carry over into my professional life, that’s huge,” Jared emphasized. This deep connection to the company’s values is a major reason why he sees his future at Huntington Steel for as long as he is able to contribute.


Health and Safety First


Prioritizing health and safety is crucial for Jared. “Health and Safety are a part of everything that I do. It’s one of the biggest priorities and rightfully so,” he said. He emphasizes the importance of safety so that everyone can return home to their families at the end of the day. Jared takes specific measures to ensure a safe working environment, from wearing appropriate protective gear to following established protocols rigorously. “For me, I’ve got a big family and I’m not of any good to them if I don’t prioritize safety so that I can come home to them. I want everyone to know that their own health and safety so they can see their families at the end of the day is just as important.” Jared also makes it a point to regularly participate in safety meetings and stay updated with the latest safety practices, reinforcing the culture of safety at Huntington Steel.


Life Beyond Work


Outside of work, Jared enjoys gaming and sports. “I’m a gamer when I can be. I really enjoy video games,” he said. Sports have also been a big part of his life, and he still enjoys playing pick-up basketball games with his kids and participating in a church softball league. These activities provide a great balance to his work life and help him stay connected with his family and community. Jared is also involved in his community, reflecting Huntington Steel’s commitment to making a positive impact beyond the workplace. Whether volunteering at local events or helping out with community projects, Jared embodies our core values. “Being part of a community that cares and supports each other is important to me. It’s about making a difference where it matters most,” he shared.


Final Reflections


Jared Baldwin’s story is a testament to the power of aligning personal values with professional endeavors. At Huntington Steel, he has found a place where his skills, principles, and passions converge, creating a fulfilling career and a meaningful legacy. As we celebrate Jared’s contributions, we are reminded of the countless individuals who make up the Huntington Steel family, each one driven by a commitment to excellence, integrity, and community.


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