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Garry Stevenson


January Employee Spotlight:

Garry Stevenson: Welding a Future at Huntington Steel

As we step into the new year, Huntington Steel is proud to showcase Garry Stevenson as our January Employee Spotlight. Joining us in March of 2023, Garry has already made a significant mark with his exceptional skills in welding and his remarkable dedication to both his craft and our company values. His journey from a recent graduate of the Marshall Advanced Manufacturing Center to a valued member of our team exemplifies passion, learning, and growth. In this spotlight, we delve into Garry’s experiences, aspirations, and the unique perspectives he brings to Huntington Steel, making him a valued part of our family.

Embarking on a Path of Passion

Garry Stevenson’s story with Huntington Steel began not just with a job application but with a vision shaped by the glowing recommendations of his peers. This sense of admiration led Garry, a skilled welding student, to pursue a career where his passion for creating enduring work could thrive. “I love to build things that I cannot only see progress as they go but also be able to look back for years to come and know that I played a part in bringing something to life,” he shares, reflecting on how he feels a deep connection with his craft. This connection is a thread that weaves through both his professional endeavors and his personal life, highlighting a seamless blend of career and family values.

Garry’s Huntington Steel Experience: Growth, Community, and Fulfillment

At Huntington Steel, Garry found more than just a job; he discovered an environment ripe for growth and learning. Each project he undertakes is a new opportunity to hone his skills and contribute to something greater. “Working here far outweighs anywhere that I have ever been. It’s been a more personal experience from the day I walked through the doors,” Garry notes, emphasizing the unique culture of care and personal attention that sets Huntington Steel apart from his previous workplaces.

This sense of belonging is further strengthened by the company’s deep-rooted commitment to community involvement. For Garry, being part of an organization that actively engages in bettering its community is a source of immense pride and motivation. It aligns with his belief in the power of small gestures to make significant impacts, a philosophy that resonates with Huntington Steel’s creed.

Blending Work and Personal Passions

Outside the confines of his professional role, Garry is a family man at heart. His leisure time is devoted to shared family activities, be it hiking, arcade games, or simply enjoying their favorite TV shows together. This dedication to family aligns seamlessly with Huntington Steel’s guiding principle of “God, Family, Work,” echoing the company’s emphasis on a balanced and fulfilling life.

Garry’s approach to his work at Huntington Steel is infused with a sense of adventure and diversity. “There is absolutely no typical day at Huntington Steel and that’s what I love about it,” he says, highlighting the dynamic and ever-changing nature of his role. This variety not only keeps his daily routine interesting but also instills a sense of pride and accomplishment in being a part of a team that values innovation and teamwork.

Looking Ahead: Aspirations and Personal Reflections

Garry’s aspirations extend beyond the walls of Huntington Steel. He dreams of exploring the unknowns of Antarctica, driven by a deep curiosity and a desire for adventure. This longing for exploration mirrors his approach to life and work – always seeking to uncover new experiences and learnings.

Reflecting on his life and career, Garry shares a personal mantra that guides him: “Do not go gently.” This phrase encapsulates his philosophy of living life with passion and intensity, a trait that he tries to bring to his work every day. He imagines a film about his life starring Pauly Shore, drawn to the actor’s authenticity and unique personality – qualities that Garry values and embodies himself. When asked about what he message he would put in a time capsule for his future grandkids and great-grandkids, Garry’s words are simple yet profound: “I love you as much, or more now than I ever have.” This message reflects the depth of his commitment to his loved ones and his belief in the enduring power of love and connection.

Crafting a Legacy at Huntington Steel

Garry Stevenson’s journey at Huntington Steel is a testament to the fulfillment that comes from aligning one’s passion with their profession. His story is not just about welding steel; it’s about crafting a life rich in purpose, family, and dedication to personal and professional growth. Garry’s experiences at Huntington Steel illustrate how a career can intertwine seamlessly with personal values, creating a legacy that extends beyond the workplace into the broader community and the hearts of future generations.

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