Dave Brammer, Misc. Fabrication Manager at Huntington Steel
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Dave Brammer

Misc. Fabrication Manager

Introducing Dave Brammer, our Misc. Fabrication Manager at Huntington Steel and our latest employee spotlight. With unwavering dedication and a remarkable tenure, Dave has been an integral part of our family-owned business here at Huntington Steel since joining us in 1987 at the young age of 21. As we bid farewell to our recent retirees, Dave has proudly taken over the title of our longest-tenured employee in Huntington, exemplifying longevity within our organization.

Throughout his incredible career, Dave has witnessed the evolution of Huntington Steel, a cherished family-owned establishment, under three generations of ownership. It is within this dynamic and closely-knit environment that Dave has discovered his true passion – the people. He cherishes the strong sense of camaraderie among the team, which has created a work atmosphere that feels like an extended family.

Beyond his professional life, Dave finds solace and joy in the company of his loved ones. His leisure time is dedicated to strengthening family bonds and exploring his culinary desires. Among his culinary endeavors, Dave has mastered the art of grilling and smoking delicious foods on his beloved pellet grill, adding flavor to both his personal life and his role in fabrication at Huntington Steel.

Dave’s unwavering commitment and contribution to the success of Huntington Steel throughout the years are immeasurable. His dedication, knowledge, and leadership have played a significant role in shaping the organization into what it is today. We are extremely honored to celebrate Dave Brammer as our latest employee spotlight, showcasing the fabric of Huntington Steel – a family-owned business built on longevity and excellence.

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