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Brittany Carter


November Employee Spotlight:

Brittany Carter Welds a New Path at Huntington Steel

Breaking the Mold: Brittany’s Entry into Welding

Brittany Carter’s journey to Huntington Steel is a compelling narrative of challenging norms and embracing new opportunities. “I don’t know if I ever saw myself in welding, but once I discovered it, I knew it was where I belonged,” Brittany reflects. Initially considering a career as a pharmacy tech, a chance interaction with an RCBI recruiter at MCTC steered her toward welding. “That conversation changed my life,” she says, marking the start of her remarkable journey with Huntington Steel, where her potential has not only been recognized but continues to be nurtured. Brittany’s story highlights the importance of being open to unexpected paths and embracing opportunities that come our way.

Crafting a Future in Steel

Brittany’s role at Huntington Steel transcends the typical job. “Working on projects that shape Huntington is incredibly rewarding. I love knowing that I’m contributing to the city that has long been a part of my life,” she shares. The joy of seeing her work around the city and the anticipation of sharing these achievements with her children underscore her commitment. “I can’t wait to show my kids what I’ve helped build,” Brittany enthuses, reflecting her pride in her work and its impact on her community. She finds a deep connection to her work, knowing that every weld and every project contributes to her personal growth and can impact others’ lives.

A Contrast in Work Cultures

Before Huntington Steel, Brittany experienced a corporate world that felt impersonal. “I was just a number in my previous job, but here, I feel valued,” she explains. The leadership team’s family-oriented approach deeply resonates with her. “Huntington Steel understands that we’re not just workers; we’re people with families and lives outside of work,” she adds, highlighting the company’s understanding and support. This environment has allowed her to flourish, not only as a professional but as a person with diverse needs and responsibilities.

Life Beyond the Walls of Huntington Steel

Brittany’s life outside of Huntington Steel is rich and diverse. “I love being outdoors; it’s my way of enjoying the simpler things in life,” she says about her outdoor hobbies. Her antiquing interest reveals her love for history: “Every antique has a story, and I love being a part of that.” These hobbies offer her a balanced life, showcasing her multifaceted personality. She believes in living a life that is rich in experiences and learning, and her hobbies are a reflection of this philosophy.

Embodying the Company’s Creed

Brittany finds a deep connection with Huntington Steel’s creed. “’God, Family, Work’ isn’t just a slogan here; it’s a way of life at Huntington Steel,” she states. The ideals of philosophy align with her values, providing a work environment that respects her dual roles as a professional and a mother. “It’s rare to find a company that genuinely puts family first,” Brittany acknowledges. She appreciates the supportive atmosphere at Huntington Steel, which she believes plays a crucial role in her job satisfaction and her ability to balance her work and personal life effectively.

Community Engagement and Personal Growth

Participating in the Angel Tree program has been an exciting opportunity for Brittany. “I’ve been on both sides of the Angel Tree program, and now being able to give back means the world to me,” she shares. This involvement illustrates the positive impact of Huntington Steel’s community focus on its employees’ personal growth. She feels a strong sense of pride and fulfillment in being able to contribute to a program that once supported her, demonstrating the transformative power of kindness and community support.

Brittany’s Reflections and Aspirations

Brittany’s reflections reveal her resilient and optimistic nature. “My motto, ‘It can’t rain all the time,’ reminds me to always look for the silver lining,” she shares. Her dream to explore Europe’s historical castles stems from her love for history and adventure. “Teleportation would be my chosen superpower. Imagine showing your kids the world in an instant!” she muses, highlighting her adventurous spirit and commitment to her family’s enrichment. Brittany’s journey at Huntington Steel and her personal aspirations reflect a dynamic individual who values growth, exploration, and a deep connection with her work and family.

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