Circular framed portrait of Brent Layne, Fitter/Welder at Huntington Steel.
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Brent Layne


October Employee Spotlight:

Crafted in Steel, Rooted in Family: Brent Layne’s Huntington Steel Story



Finding the Right Fit

In the vast world of steel and precision, there are those who stand out because of their unwavering dedication and passion. One such individual in the Huntington Steel family is Brent Layne, our esteemed Fitter/Welder. In this month’s spotlight, we take a closer look at Brent’s journey, values, and the heart of his work. Brent’s association with Huntington Steel might have officially begun in March 2023, but his admiration for our commitment to quality traces back much further. “Throughout my career, whenever Huntington Steel was part of a project, one thing was clear – the work was top-notch. You could tell the workers truly cared about what they produced,” Brent shared. The stellar reputation of Huntington Steel in the industry was a beacon, guiding him to join our family.

The Craft He Loves

For Brent, his role at Huntington Steel is more than just a job; it’s a culmination of a lifelong affinity for hands-on work. “I’ve always liked working with my hands. There’s something inherently satisfying about it,” he remarked. “You can build whatever you want or fix whatever you want. It’s not just the act of creating or mending; it’s the result that matters. The finished product is the embodiment of our effort, our precision, and our commitment. It’s what the customer sees and determines if they’ll come back to us.”

A Culture Like No Other

Having worked in various places, Brent finds the family feel of Huntington Steel unmatched. “From my first day, it felt different. Here, I wasn’t just another employee; I was part of the family. It’s heartening when your supervisors recognize you, value you, and trust you to do your job right,” he expressed.

The company’s motto, “God, Family, Work,” deeply resonated with Brent. He elaborated, “When I came across Huntington Steel’s mission statement, it felt right. It reflects the values I hold close, making my decision to be a part of this family so easy.”

Beyond the Welds and Fittings

Outside the walls of Huntington Steel, Brent’s life is rooted in faith, nature, and the bonds of family. “Outside of work, I like to spend time being involved with our church,” he mentioned, reflecting his spiritual commitment. The serene stretches of his land offer Brent opportunities for hunting and fishing, allowing him to savor nature’s beauty and tranquility.

At the heart of his world is his cherished family. Proudly speaking about his 40-year-long marital journey, Brent sees it as a testament to love, commitment, and shared memories. With 4 kids, 11 grandkids, and 2 more on the way, each family member holds immense significance in his life. Their milestones, achievements, and the sheer joy of their existence fill Brent with immense pride and gratitude. Reflecting on these blessings, Brent affirmed, “With such a family, and a journey filled with shared moments and memories, I truly am a blessed man.”

A Final Thought

Every day at Huntington Steel, Brent finds both routine and something new. “While the tasks might seem similar, the projects are always different. And every time our work passes through quality checks, I feel proud. It shows our commitment to doing the best,” he stated.

As we focus on Brent Layne this month, we’re reminded of the countless stories of dedication, craftsmanship, and passion that make up the Huntington Steel family. We invite you to join us on this journey, celebrating each individual who contributes to our legacy of excellence.


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