Aaron Corn - Dedicated Team Member at Huntington Steel
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Aaron Corn

Cut, Mill, Punch Operator

September Employee Spotlight:

Steel, Passion, Legacy: Aaron Corn’s Huntington Steel Story

A Perfect Fit at the Right Time

Aaron Corn’s journey with Huntington Steel stands as a testament to finding the perfect fit at the right time. “Coming to Huntington Steel was an opportunity that happened at the right time for me because I was familiar with the type of work and the reputation that the company had, and I jumped on the opening that became available,” Aaron shared.

He had spent years in similar roles but longed for a workplace that resonated with his values and provided the fulfillment he sought. When the opportunity at Huntington Steel presented itself, Aaron seized it eagerly. His familiarity with the type of work and the company’s stellar reputation made it an ideal move.

No Two Days Are Alike


Unlike jobs that confine individuals indoors, Aaron thrives on the ever-changing landscape of his work at Huntington Steel. “It’s really satisfying to know that we get to work in such a pleasant atmosphere at Huntington Steel,” Aaron emphasized. “There has not been a single person that I did not like. From the first day that I started with Huntington Steel everybody has been extremely helpful to me.”

Working at Huntington Steel has granted Aaron the gift of excitement in his daily routine. “Although we are doing similar tasks on a regular basis, I get to see so many different types of projects and materials come through our shop that it makes the day really enjoyable,” Aaron explains. The variety keeps him engaged, ensuring there’s never a dull moment.

The Huntington Steel Difference


One standout feature of Aaron’s journey at Huntington Steel is the sense of camaraderie and support that permeates the workplace. He describes it as a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere where every colleague feels like family. It’s a place where the company’s mission statement, ‘God, Family, Work,’ isn’t just a motto, but a way of life. ‘In a world where we don’t see many companies take such pride in their values and priorities,’ Aaron remarks, ‘Huntington Steel stood out to me.'”

This positive environment not only makes him feel at home but also inspires him to pay it forward by helping others. “The people genuinely care about you here,” Aaron emphasizes. “We recently had a company cookout, and it was really exciting to me that the leadership team took time and thought enough of their employees to stop work and get together for a meal. It wouldn’t have mattered what the food was, it was just so nice to see people that care about their employees.” Working on projects for top clients fills Aaron with pride. He knows that his efforts contribute to the creation of products that impact lives, and this realization adds excitement and satisfaction to his work at Huntington Steel.

Beyond Work and Leaving a Legacy


Outside of work, Aaron’s interests revolve around the outdoors and sharing cherished moments with his family. Whether he’s hunting, fishing, or exploring on four wheels, nature provides a sanctuary where he can connect with his true self. Working with steel acts as a connection to Aaron’s favorite application of steel, older trucks. Much like the projects that he has his hands on at Huntington Steel, he admires those trucks because they were built to last. It’s a passion he hopes to pass down to his two boys, Roscoe, and Waylon, as they hope to embark on family adventures of rebuilding one together.

As a dedicated employee of Huntington Steel, Aaron embodies the principles of the company’s mission statement: “God, Family, Work.” These words aren’t just a motto; they represent the essence of his life. He dreams of leaving a legacy of hard work and perseverance, serving as an inspiration to his children and future generations.

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